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You manage most things in your life and your business with 21st-century technology—so why not do the same with your irrigation system? Smart Rain’s smart water systems notify property owners of important irrigation management details like water flow, moisture levels, and more, all through advanced sensors and innovative technologies.

In fact, we offer customers the most advanced technology in the industry with our Smart Rain app. In a few taps on your smartphone, you can check up on your smart water system, view rainfall levels, and explore customized reports. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be ready to make more informed decisions when it comes to your property’s irrigation and rain sprinkler system.


Do you know what actually goes into a smart water system? To protect the valuable resource that is your property’s water, it takes a lot more than basic controllers and traditional sensor equipment.

At Smart Rain, we employ advanced sensor technology and intelligent controllers to monitor every aspect of your water system. But what really sets Smart Rain apart is our app. Not only can you manage your property’s irrigation system through smart water software—but you can also view detailed snapshots right on your smartphone or desktop.

  • Alerts to flow levels
  • Notifications of water usage
  • Alerts to rainfall
  • Notifications to new reports

If a water line breaks, you get an alert. If a zone is skipped due to rainfall, you get a push notification. And if a new report is available for viewing, you know straight away.

Ready to implement a truly smart water system? We’ve got you covered.


Weather can change in minutes and pipes can burst in seconds—are you prepared to protect your property at all hours? Smart Rain’s suite of smart water system technology works together to help your entire property adapt to the environment’s ever-changing needs, all while cutting costs and conserving water.

To equip your property with technology that operates the way modern systems should, we combine a few crucial elements:

  • Smart Controller: The epicenter for all functions of your irrigation system.
  • Flow Sensor: Automatically senses flow levels to protect your property from damage and waste.
  • Rain Sensor: Factors in recent rainfall to ensure you never waste water.
  • Moisture Sensor: Gathers exact volumetric measurements to determine soil moisture.

When stacked together, these four smart features keep your water system running smoothly—and with little effort on your part.

Our controllers and sensors can be installed on any type of property, from office parks to college campuses. When it comes to smart water systems, the options are many and your savings are limitless.


At Smart Rain, we’re all about minimizing water consumption, keeping your property healthy, and cutting irrigation costs. In short, we’re focused on bringing value to your property. Take it from our past and current customers:

  • Saved a bank corporation 8,462,186 gallons of water
  • Saved a college campus 4,780,543 gallons of water
  • Saved an apartment complex 5,107,408 gallons of water
  • Saved a hotel 1,392,970 gallons of water
  • Saved an auto dealership 869,060 gallons of water

The above are just a fraction of the real companies and industries we’ve helped in our years of business. Whether you have a retail property, office complex, parks and recreation area, or other type of property, it just makes sense to install Smart Rain technology. Take a look at some of our case studies to find out more.

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